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The cost of funeral insurance cover

A look at the cost of funeral insurance cover. For peace of mind should the worst happen. Find out more.
Funeral insurance cover is an insurance cover that is designed to pay out a sum of money that goes towards the funeral costs of the policy holder, if they pass away as a result of an accident, suddenly and unexpectedly. The funeral insurance cover cost will depend on the level of cover you want to put in place i.e. the sum that you want the policy to pay out on your death. It usually follows that the higher the sum you want the policy to cover, the more your funeral insurance premiums will cost.

Funeral insurance cover monthly cost

With PSA’s Personal Accident insurance options, funeral cover can be included in your policy. The cost of this will depend on the level of cover chosen overall. If you choose a lower monthly premium for your insurance, you may find that the funeral insurance element of the policy would pay out a sum unlikely to cover the full costs of a funeral, but will still contribute towards it. If you require a higher level of cover in order to pay the full funeral costs in the event of your death, you may want to choose a higher monthly premium.
There are a range of funeral insurance prices available with PSA’s personal accident cover, to make sure that you can choose the right level for your needs.

With PSA’s Personal Accident insurance options, funeral cover can be included in your policy. The cost of this will depend on the level of cover chosen overall.

Why choose PSA for funeral insurance cover?

With PSA, you don’t only get funeral expenses cover when you purchase personal accident insurance from us, you also get a range of other benefits. No one likes to think of themselves being in an accident and passing away, but with cover from PSA Insurance Solutions, you can have peace of mind that, if the worst should happen, there is a level of financial protection and assistance for your loved ones.
Our personal accident insurance can include not only funeral expenses cover, but also compensation to be paid out if the accident is not fatal and you suffer an injury as a result. Our cover includes a sum to be paid out in the event that you are permanently disabled as a result of the accident, and could include payments if your home needs adaptations to be made, or you need assistance with medical consultations and expenses as you recover. PSA’s personal accident cover includes provision for home assistance, if your injury means that you need additional support at home, or with childcare, as you recover.
Our insurance can be personalised, with many optional elements that you can choose to add to your policy, meaning that you can create insurance cover that suits you and your circumstances best, all with one simple monthly premium to pay. Find out more about our funeral insurance prices and what else the cover includes on our personal accident insurance product page.

Find out more about PSA's Personal Accident Policy


Find out more about PSA's Personal Accident Policy

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